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Watch Super Bowl: The Super Bowl is almost upon us, and depending on how you feel about the spandex man, how to throw the ball bravely on the field, this is A) the biggest sporting event of the year, B) the opportunity to do not judge Eat a small amount of suspicious drinks, or C) all because you can really have everything.

In the last 52 years, each Super Bowl has one thing in common: they all take place on Sunday. However, not everyone is satisfied with this arrangement.

In recent years, fans have asked the NFL to launch their most important game on Saturday, from Forbes to the Atlanta Daily Constitution, to male health, to Kenny Mayn of ESPN, and tell the league that the Super Bowl will be even more on Saturday. Significant Despite these requirements, do not look to the NFL to move the game on the same day.

So, why not play the Super Bowl on Saturday?

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodall answered this question this week in an interview with Kyle Brandt Football Experience. Basically, it is one of the main things, mainly TV ratings.

“This [idea] has been around for a long time, and people have talked about that,” Goodall said of moving the Super Bowl to Saturday. “The reason we did not do this in the past is only from the perspective of the audience, the size of the audience on Sunday night is much bigger, the fans want the best chance to see the game, we want to give it to them, so Sunday night is a better night. “

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The argument to keep the game on Saturday basically comes down to the convenience of the fans. If the game takes place on Saturday, then people can go crazy at their Super Bowl party without having to worry about the next day’s work. In addition, children can watch the entire game without having to worry about going to school the next day.

Of course, Goodell’s point of view is also completely effective, so it is almost certain that the NFL will not start from now on. In Sunday’s game, the Super Bowl has produced nine of the 10 most watched television shows in history.

Either way, the Super Bowl is important for a large part of the US. UU., And the game of 2019 is accompanied by some drama. In this sense, here is a useful introduction to all the knowledge about the most important days of football.

At the same time, in December, TMZ reported that Travis Scott will join Maroon 5 to participate in the show, which also suffered a side effect (we’ll talk about it soon).

Well, it turns out that Maroon 5 is not the NFL’s first choice for part-time performances. According to reports, Rihanna rejected the opportunity to support Colin Kapnik. “The National Football League and CBS really want Rihanna to be next year’s artist in Atlanta,” a source told the American weekly. “They offered it to her, but she said no because of the controversy, she did not agree with the NFL position.”

According to reports, Cardi B also rejected the invitation to the NFL for the same reason. Her representative said: “She is not particularly interested in participating because of her feelings about Colin Kaepernick and the whole sport.”

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