Giants vs Colts

Giants vs Colts: The Colts faced their last home game of 2018 in week 16, a giant team that will fight for pride and the future. Although the Giants have no hope in the playoffs, the Colts still do, and need the help of the Steelers to help them make the playoffs.

This game is not easy. The Giants have a solid defense and are one of the best runners in Saquon Barkley football. If they can continue their strong defensive efforts, despite some significant losses, they can go beyond this game and advance their playoff hopes. This is how you can capture all the actions.
Pat Shurmur did not anticipate the disappointment of the Giants, even though they had been eliminated from the playoffs during the remaining two weeks of the regular season.

His expectation for the game against the Colts on Sunday is that his team can match the strength and performance of legitimate playoff contenders.

“Suppose you have a certain number of games and that you will be a football player, suppose I do not know why you are disappointed,” Schulmur said. “In rare cases, when you enter the playoffs and the next game does not make sense, I will see the players resting, but in this case we are coaches and players, we pay the price, but the truth is that the opposite is my hobby. I understood, I never understood, this is part of the story that I do not understand, because as a footballer, coach, sometimes you do not play well, last week we did not play well for us, I lost the area, but not because we entered, but I left it Go, I do not understand. ”

Here are the games between the Giants and the Colts:

The Giants of the Colts (5-9) (8-6)
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana

1 pm on Sunday


Line: Colts 9.5

What is in game?
Giants: Pat Shurmur wants to win the game of soccer, and in his opinion, this is a quest to coincide with the audition of 2019. To be honest: the Giants are already playing with many rookies and young players, and that is to continue . In addition to QB Kyle Lauletta, his status is uncertain and Shurmur has not promised to serve as a substitute for the Colts. The Giants are currently in eighth place in the 2019 draft and can be promoted by another loss.

The Colts: The Indianapolis team is performing very well under Frank Reich’s leadership, especially after the team announced Josh McDaniels’ offseason as head coach. McDaniels can only start again when he betrayed and stayed on the New England team. The Colts have the ability to get an AFC wild card in their 17-week showdown, and the Titans will be the possible winning game for the No. 6 seed.