Jaguars vs Dolphins

Jaguars vs Dolphins: the 36-year-old dolphin defensive end, admits that it’s very difficult to wear another NFL jersey after playing in Miami for 10 seasons.

Runway Frank Gore, 35, is a great player at the former University of Miami, and his 14th season in the NFL ended last week with a foot injury. He also hopes to play another season with the Dolphins.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill battled shoulder and ankle injuries on a surgically repaired knee this season, but he has not yet led Miami to a playoff victory in seven seasons.

The third-year coach, Adam Gass, and the second-year defensive coordinator, Matt Burke, despite some injuries to major players this year and poor performance on the road, managed to maintain up to 15 weeks and 7-7 records. Floating dolphins of regular season.

The Dolphins will play their last home game of the season against the Hard Rock Stadium of the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10) on Sunday. The stadium has had several games this year.

Since 2002, the Dolphins have had the opportunity to raise their home record to 7-1, the fifth since the stadium opened in 1987.

What you need to know is: dolphin and jaguar, Sunday, 1 pm
He may also be the Dolphin’s last local gaming player, such as Tenny Hill and the awakening, coaches such as Kaiser and Burke, general manager Chris Greer and football business Mike Tannenbaum, low season vice president. Before, some uncertainty began.

Dolphin boss Stephen Rose will have to decide the position of each player, coach and executive next season.

The final victory at home can keep up the hopes of the Miami playoffs, and this season is alive and can help all of their cases at least another week before the end of the December 30 regular-season game against Buffalo.

“We are very happy to go out and take this course every time we go home,” Tannehill said last week. “We want to offer a great performance for our fans and win every game we play at home, this is definitely what we expect.”

The dolphins are not necessarily from their explosion to the Minnesota Vikings last week, they abandoned their visitor record, they were surprised this season with 1-6, placing their Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts and The Tennessee Titans competed for the playoffs at the final of the AFC Champions League.