Texans vs Eagles

Texans vs Eagles: There are still two weeks in the regular season, and seven of the 12 playoffs are still available. In other words: almost all games have an impact, either in the playoffs or in the first selection of the NFL Draft 2019. The biggest clashes involving outside observations, the Pony and the Titans in the AFC, and the Hawks and Redskins in the NFC, hope to enter the final wild card position at their respective meetings.

Philadelphia (7 wins, 7 losses) is winning the best of the season, defeating Los Angeles Rams 30-23, but is still in the playoffs. The Hawks are now sitting in the middle of the NFC’s last wild-card position. On the other hand, Houston (10-4) only owns the No. 2 seed of the AFC and hopes to get the first round of the wheel.

Your afternoon will help a lot in determining how the Philadelphia Eagles will end their season.

The Birds will host Houston Texas at CBS’s Lincoln Financial Field at 1 pm, and with one win, the Hawks will continue to work hard to enter a two-week week. The playoffs are unlikely to be seats.

Of course, this is the result of losing 29-29 to the Dallas Cowboys on the road.

Of course, that was before the Hawks beat the Los Angeles Rams 30-23.
The Reds are defeating the Jaguars with incredible victories, which sounds strange because Jags is terrible. But Josh Johnson had not won the NFL ball since 2011 and had never won the NFL game. He led the Washington team to the seventh win of the season and allowed them to get the last wild card. In the middle of the game to maintain victory. Point At the same time, the Titans eliminated the Giants 17-0, as Derek Henry continued to transform his perversion into an authorized career. In the last two games, he raced an incredible 408 yards and 6 touchdowns. Tennessee is also the eighth seed, but they have the same 8 wins and 6 losses with the Ravens with the deciding game. According to Stephen Oh of SportsLine, the Redskins have only a 12% chance of entering the playoffs, while the Titans have a 39% chance.
So now the Texans are the next opponent. There are some interesting matches in the game, and the Texans had some more interesting names in the sport: J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, Tyrann Mathieu, Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins, to name a few. The Hawks will be ready for their work.