Aquaman Full Movie: If unlucky, Aquaman could cross the world 500 million dollars at some point today or tomorrow. The film “Superheroes DC Films” won 48 million dollars worldwide, including 72.7 million dollars for the first time in the country, so by the end of the day it must exceed / below 80 million dollars.

For reference, “The Treasure of the Nation” fell by 40% on the first Monday of Christmas Eve, on the weekend after the first 48 million dollars in 2007, the hobbits opened earlier in 2012: an unexpected journey “On the fourth day it fell by 60%. $ 84 million from Friday to Friday. So, yes, if the accident does not collapse, the adventure of Jason Momoa / Amber Heard was the highlight of DreamWorks, it will become their biggest domestic and world war in 2018.

The standard practice of any DC Films film is to test the significance of its success (or relative failure) for the entire brand. It may be premature to explore the long-term effects, but at first glance, the current position of DC Films is not that each film has to prove the common fate of the entire IP or studio.

Warner Bros. showed good results in 2018, offering a number of domestic winners with average prices (“Star was born”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Ocean” – 8), as well as large budget tents that worked well in North America and beat the award abroad . (Ready Player) I, Meg, Rampage) ultimately stated that they would not be fully defined by DC Films and JK.

One aspect of Aquaman’s relative business and critical success is that the series does not necessarily survive or die because of the fate of each film. Perhaps Shazam will be another stupid delight, because it comes from New Line and Warner Bros.

I think his budget is closer to “round-trip communication” than to “The Hobbit: an unexpected journey.” Perhaps clown Todd Phillips will be the mediocre and ominous drama of the 1980s, which, as it turned out, is the clown’s origin history. Probably no. However, each new film, while some of them are worthy (and the WB has other hot topics of intellectual property and non-IP), can stand on its own without worrying about the general fate of the brand. Score.

Coincidentally, Zak Snyder’s release of “Batman and Superman: Dawn of Justice” marks 33 days today. After Snyder’s Iron Man gained praise, global box office revenue reached $ 668 million. “Iron Man 2” for the first time in the sequel to “Superman” with the participation of Batman and eventually became the official pilot of the back series of the DC Films franchise. So bad reviews and a quick kill of box office (873 million dollars, but 242 million dollars from the world release) is not only whether the film earns money (it does) or artistically proved (this is a coin toss, especially in the drama damage), but how it laid the foundation for the sequels and derivatives. Much of the conversation revolves around what the film says about the entire DC comic franchise.

This is when the studio is positioning a new big man as something more than just a big movie (or even a sequel), but as a springboard that can become the world of cinema. This is a film that is obviously not so independent, for example, Sony Amazing Spider-Man 2 (its marketing emphasizes the influence of almost no cinematic universe). Henry Cavill met with Ben Affleck, Gal Gado and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). We briefly met Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). The film is an inevitable threat to Apokolips and offers something similar to injustice: the god between us (a popular video game to combat comics, in which Superman became the world after the murder of Lois Lane – a crook) The final stage.

Oh, in the end, Clark Kent died in a battle against his hypothesis of resurrection in the League of Justice. This strict, super-power, unfathomable continuation discusses quality in terms of quality and the entire DC film. He received nearly $ 900 million in revenue, but was so fragmented that he caused major changes in the suicide squad (finally, re-created by the company that released the first adorable theatrical trailer) and in the Justice League. (Joss Whedon eventually replaces Zack Snyder) and delivers a soft remake of The Avengers Being a backstage pilot in the movie world, it’s a disaster to replace the Harry Potter box office from WB and get on the MCU.